Cancer Worldwide

Cancer Worldwide

by David Icke
from DavidIcke Website

The figures are fantastic.

Some eight million people die every year from cancer worldwide, more than half a million in the United States alone. The global number is predicted to rise to twelve million by 2030.

Cancer is the biggest cause of death for people under 85 and in the US one in four people die from cancer - one in four.

We have our freedoms removed by the day to 'protect the public from terrorism' when all these people are suffering and dying every year from a disease that the bloodline families and their pharmaceutical cartel systematically refuse to cure.

Together we can, yes, but not if the drug companies are involved.
Immense amounts of money are raised through charities every year
to fund the search for a 'cure' that the establishment has no intention of finding.

I highlighted in a newsletter on August 9th how a man called Dr Richard Day, the head of the Rockefeller-controlled eugenics organization, Planned Parenthood, had addressed a meeting of doctors in Pittsburgh in 1969 about the coming transformation of global society.

He asked the doctors to turn off recording equipment and not to take notes before he detailed a long list of changes that were planned. One doctor did take notes, however, and later talked publicly about what was said.

Now, 40 years later, we can see how extraordinarily accurate Day was and you can read that August newsletter in the archive on the website.

The reason I mention him again here is that he told those doctors in 1969:
'We can cure almost every cancer right now. Information is on file in the Rockefeller Institute, if it's ever decided that it should be released.'
Day said that letting people die of cancer would slow down population growth.
'You may as well die of cancer as something else'.
These people no soul and that's why they do what they do.

Big Pharma has no desire to cure cancer when it is making vast fortunes from treating the symptoms with devastating drugs and cell-killing, people-killing poisons like chemotherapy. But it is not primarily even about money. The bloodline families want people to suffer and die earlier than necessary as a way of culling the population.

This is why when anyone outside the Big Pharma cabal discovers an effective way of treating cancer they are immediately targeted by the medical establishment and government agencies.

One such case is the Italian doctor, Tullio Simoncini, a brilliant and courageous man who has refused to bow to the enormous pressure he has faced, and continues to face, after he realized what cancer is and how it can be dealt with.

Simoncini's 'crime' has been to discover that cancer is a fungus caused by Candida, a yeast-like organism that lives in the body in small amounts even in healthy people. The immune system keeps it under control normally, but when the Candida morphs into a powerful fungus some serious health problems can follow - including cancer.

My friend, Mike Lambert, at the Shen Clinic near my home on the Isle of Wight, says of Candida:
'Fungus, and Candida in particular, thrive by eating the body of its host (yours) by dissolving it. It also needs your body to breed, as it can't do this on its own. No wonder in Chronic Fatigue conditions, which can in many cases be attributed to Candida colonization, the sufferer feels so bad both physically and psychologically.'
Tullio Simoncini says that cancer is this Candida fungal infection and that the conventional medical explanation of cancer as a cellular malfunction is plain wrong.

Simoncini is a specialist in oncology (treatment of tumors), diabetes and metabolic disorders, but he is more than that. He is a real doctor who seeks to uncover the truth for the benefit of his patients and refuses to parrot the official version of what doctors should do and think.

He challenges the dogma of 'intellectual conformity' with all its unproven assumptions, lies, manipulation and falsehoods and he has been extremely critical of the medical establishment as it continues to pursue 'treatments' that are useless in curing the global epidemic of cancer.

From the time he entered medicine he realized that something was seriously wrong with the way cancer was treated:
'I see terrible sufferings. I was in a pediatric oncological ward - all the children died. I was suffering when I was looking at the poor, poor children dying with chemo, with radiation.'
His frustration and sorrow at what he was seeing led him to go in search of new ways to understand, and therefore treat, this devastating disease.

He began his journey with an open mind and a blank sheet of paper unsullied by any rigid assumptions pedaled and indoctrinated by mainstream 'medicine' and 'science'.

How many more have to suffer before people stop seeing doctors as all-knowing 'gods'
and realize the stupendous scale of ignorance involved?

Simoncini realized that all cancers acted the same way no matter where they were in the body or what form they took. There had to be a common denominator. He also observed that the cancer 'lumps' were always white.

What else is white? Candida.

Simoncini realized that what mainstream medicine believed to be cell growth going wild - 'cancerous growth' - is actually the immune system producing cells to defend the body from Candida attack.

He says the sequence goes like this:
  • Candida is normally kept under control by the immune system, but when that becomes undermined and weakened the Candida can expand and build a 'colony'
  • The Candida eventually penetrates an organ and the immune system has to respond to the threat in another way
  • This 'way' is to build a defensive barrier with its own cells and this growth is what we call cancer
It is said that the spreading of cancer to other parts of the body is caused by 'malignant' cells escaping from their origin.

Simoncini, however, says this is not the case at all. The spread of cancer is triggered by the real cause of cancer, the Candia fungus, escaping from the original source.

What allows cancer to manifest, as I have been saying in my books for years, is a weakened immune system. When that is working efficiently it deals with the problem before it gets out of hand.

In this case, it keeps the Candida under control.

But look at what has been happening as cancer numbers worldwide have soared and soared. There has been a calculated war on the human immune system that has got more vociferous with every decade.

The immune system is weakened and attacked by food and drink additives, chemical farming, vaccinationselectromagnetic and microwave technology and frequencies, pharmaceutical drugs, the stress of modern 'life', and so much more.

What defenses are today's children going to have when they are given 25 vaccinations and combinations of them, before the age of two - while their immune system is still forming for goodness sake?

This is how the Illuminati families are seeking to instigate a mass cull of the population. By dismantling the body's natural defense to disease.

Now, here's the real shocker. What destroys the immune system quicker than anything else?


You can add radiation to that as well. Chemotherapy is a poison designed to kill cells. Er..., that's it.

The 'cutting-edge' of mainstream cancer 'treatment' is to poison the victim and hope that you kill the cancer cells before you have killed enough healthy cells to kill the patient.

But wait. This chemotherapy poison also kills the cells of the immune system and leaves it shot to pieces. And the Candida is still there.

This devastated immune system cannot respond effectively to the Candida and it takes over other parts of the body to start the process again, so causing the cancer to spread. Even those who appear to have recovered after surgery and chemotherapy and been given 'the all-clear' are just a ticking clock.

Their immune system is now shattered and it is only a matter of time before the Candida triggers a relapse. In other words:

Chemotherapy is killing the people it is supposed to be curing.

Of course, it can never 'cure' anyone of anything, except life. It is a poison destroying the very system that we need to be healthy and strong if we are to be cured.

When Simoncini realized that cancer is a fungal infection, or infestation, he went in search of something that would kill the fungus and so remove the cancer.

He realized that anti-fungal drugs don't work because the fungus quickly mutates to defend itself and then even starts to feed off the drugs that are prescribed to kill it.

Instead, Simoncini found something much, much simpler - sodium bicarbonate. Yes, the main ingredient in good old baking soda (but I stress not the same as baking soda, which has other ingredients).

He used this because it is a powerful destroyer of fungus and, unlike the drugs, the Candida cannot 'adapt' to it.

The patient is given sodium bicarbonate orally and through internal means like an endoscope, a long thin tube that doctors use to see inside the body without surgery. This allows the sodium bicarbonate to be placed directly on the cancer - the fungus.

The ancient Egyptians knew about the healing properties of anti-fungal substances and Indian books going back a thousand years actually recommend 'alkaline of strong potency' for treating cancer.

In 1983, Simoncini treated an Italian man, Gennaro Sangermano, who had been given months to live with lung cancer. A few months later he wasn't dead, he was back to health and the cancer was gone.

More success followed and Simoncini presented his findings to the Italian Department of Health in the hope that they would begin scientifically-approved trials to show that it worked.

But he was to learn the true scale of medical manipulation and deceit.

The authorities not only ignored his documentation, he was disbarred from the Italian Medical Order for prescribing cures that had not been approved. Yep, I really said that - for prescribing cures that had not been approved.

He was subjected to a vicious campaign of ridicule and condemnation by the pathetic media and then jailed for three years for causing 'wrongful death' to patients he had treated. From all angles the word was out - get Simoncini.

The medical establishment said that his claims about sodium bicarbonate were 'crazy' and 'dangerous'. One 'leading doctor' even ludicrously referred to sodium bicarbonate as a 'drug'.

All the time millions of people were dying from cancers that could have been treated effectively. These people don't give a shit.

Tullio Simoncini is, thankfully, no quitter and he has continued to circulate his work on the Internet and in public talks. I heard of him through Mike Lambert at the Shen Clinic and Simoncini spoke there while I was away in the United States.

I know that he is having remarkable success in dramatically reducing and removing altogether even some real late stage cancers using sodium bicarbonate. This can take months in some cases, but in others, like breast cancer where the tumor is easily accessible, it can be days before it is no more.

People are also curing themselves under Simoncini's guidance and at the end of this article I have linked to some videos in which you can hear people talk about their experiences and cures.

I wrote a newsletter last April about the fact that cancer is a fungus in an article about the findings of two British scientists and researchers, Professor Gerry Potter of the Cancer Drug Discovery Groupand Professor Dan Burke.

Their combined findings reveal the following ...
Cancer cells have a unique 'biomarker' that normal cells do not, an enzyme called CYP1B1 (pronounced sip-one-bee-one). Enzymes are proteins that 'catalyze' (increase the rate of) chemical reactions.

The CYP1B1 alters the chemical structure of something called salvestrols that are found naturally in many fruit and vegetables. This chemical change turns the salvestrols into an agent that kills cancer cells, but does no harm to healthy cells.

The synchronicity is perfect. The CYP1B1 enzyme appears only in cancer cells and it reacts with salvestrols in fruit and vegetables to create a chemical substance that kills only cancer cells.

But here's the point with regard to cancer being a fungus.

Salvestrols are the natural defense system in fruit and vegetables against fungal attacks and that's why you only find them in those species subject to fungus damage, like strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, grapes, blackcurrants, redcurrants, blackberries, cranberries, apples, pears, green vegetables (especially broccoli and the cabbage family), artichokes, red and yellow peppers, avocados, watercress, asparagus and aubergines.

What's more, the Big Pharma/Big Biotech cartels know all this and they have done two major things to undermine this natural defense from the fungal attack that is cancer.
  1. The chemical fungicide sprays used in modern farming kill fungus artificially and this means the plants and crops do not have to trigger their own defense - salvestrols. You only find them in any amount today in organically grown food
  2. The most widely-used fungicides are very powerful blockers of CYP1B1 and so if you eat enough chemically-produced food it wouldn't matter how many salvestrols you consumed they would not be activated into the cancer-destroying agent they are designed to be
This is not by accident, but by calculated design, as were, and are, the attempts by the establishment to destroy Tullio Simoncini.

The families want people to die of cancer, not be cured of it. They are mentally and emotionally as sick as you can imagine and see humans as sheep and cattle.

They don't care how much distress, suffering and death their manipulation and suppression will cause - the more the better from their insane perspective. And that is what these people are... insane.

But Simoncini refuses to buckle and continues to campaign for what has seen is an effective treatment for cancer, while, in the 'real' world, the number of cancer deaths goes on rising incessantly because of treatments that don't work based on assumptions that aren't true.

It is indeed a crazy, crazy society, but then, from the perspective of the bloodline families, it's meant to be. Thank goodness for courageous and committed people like Tullio Simoncini.

We need more like him - and quick.
What a stark contrast he is to those who serve the medical establishment. When Simoncini spoke at the Shen Clinic a few weeks ago (below video) some local doctors dismissed him before he arrived and ridiculed his views.

Dr. Tullio Simoncini and The Cure of Cancer
The Shen Clinic


They were invited along to his talk, which would have been of enormous potential benefit to their patients. Chairs were reserved for them to hear what Simoncini was saying first hand and give them the chance to ask any questions.

What happened?

They never came.

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Famous Logos That Have A Hidden Meaning

Famous Logos That Have A Hidden Meaning

Nowadays there are so many companies with instantly recognizable logos, but few people actually know the meaning behind these corporate symbols. Here are 10 modern day examples of company logos and the meanings behind them:
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amazon logo meaning Top 10 Famous Logos, Which Have A Hidden Meaning
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6. Audi
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Top 10 Things You Never Knew You Could Do With Chrome

Top 10 Things You Never Knew You Could Do With Chrome

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password 300x300 Top 10 Things You Never Knew You Could Do With Chrome
When running Chrome on Windows, Linux or Chrome OS, Chrome Flags will fill in passwords for you when you open an account creation page. To get started you will have to be signed in to your Chrome account (if you don’t have one sign-up for it) and have your password manager enabled. Visit the Flag site, chrome://flags, and find “Enable Password Generation.” This tip will save you a lot of time at work!

2. Tab Overview

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3. Stack Your Tabs

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4. Post to Tumblr/Pinterest

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Don’t have time to really read that interesting headline you saw on a Google search? Simply install Pocket to keep your tab bar organized and manageable. This useful button lets you store articles and pages to read later all in one place. You can also tag them for easy access and read them on the go with their cool app. Both the app and the flag work on an easy to understand minimalist format.

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On the internet there are a myriad of ways to communicate and chat – Gtalk, Facebook Chat, Instant Messenger, and even texting. That’s a lot of conversations to keep track of! ‘’ can help you consolidate all of your online communication with a simple, intuitive interface that makes it easy for you to jump between conversations and platforms easily. Think Hootsuite for chats – oh and don’t forget that you can still meet everyone in one place on your mobile device – there’s an app for that!

8. Save Your Tabs  300x300 Top 10 Things You Never Knew You Could Do With Chrome
Keeping track of all your tabs and not wanting to lose them is a frustratingly common issue for internet users! Free up your browser bar from overcrowding by using, which will create a link to a list of open tabs you want to reference later, creating a perfect instant bibliography and catalogue of your favorite pages.

9. Un-baby Your Facebook Feed  300x300 Top 10 Things You Never Knew You Could Do With Chrome
Tired of seeing babies everywhere on your Facebook feed? Get to change out baby photos with stuff that you are actually interested in. Same thing with – even with the elections over you might be tired of seeing all the political rants from everyone on Facebook.

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Need to add some sparkle and magic to your internet pages? Use Cornify!! to go unicorn crazy on any of your webpages. This flag gives you a colorful button in your Chrome bar that give you instant “cornification” on any webpage of your choice.
These Google Chrome Flags will make your internet experience more organized and manageable and some of them just plain fun! Check out these today and more by searching “about:flags” in your Google bar.


Neem Cancer Treatment

Neem Cancer Treatment

Neem in India is known as "Village Pharmacy" as it is used to treat and cure many diseases. Neem has multiple active compounds that through various mechanism work simultaneously and this is a very important characteristic of neem. This results its effectiveness as pesticide and also as cancer curing plant. As more and more benefits of neem are coming out through researches across the world, the scientists are now calling it a 'wonder plant'. 

Neem has been tested to cure certain types of cancer. Neem creams are in the market to treat skin cancer. Also the scientists from India, Japan and Europe have discovered that neem bark, oil and seeds are useful in reducing the tumors and very effective against lymphocytic leukaemia. Cancer cells spread themselves by sticking to other cells of the body and it has been found out that neem leaf extract has the property to prevent this stickiness. This thus helps in spreading the cancer further.

Recent Research Showing Neem Cancer Treatment

Neem leaf has a certain type of protein that boost the immune system and assists in killing colon cancer cells. Neem also produces antibodies. Owing to these reasons many scientists have said that neem cancer treatment one day will be a very big achievement and from this effective cancer vaccine will be developed. The cancer curing and other beneficial properties of neem leaf is the presence of certain compounds having varied chemical structure.

Neem in Cancer Treatment

Cancer Cells

Programmed cell death is promoted by neem that directly kills the cancer cell. 

Immune System

With the use of neem the body immune system starts to differentiate between cancer cells and normal body cells. The immune system also starts to kill cancer cells because of the certain chemicals in neem leaf. 

Skin Cancer

Neem creams are used to cure skin cancer. 

Detoxification Glutathione is produced by neem that is a carcinogen detoxifying enzyme. 

Reduction in the Size of Tumor

It is really effective use of neem in which the the size of the tumor is greatly reduced. It is actually a pre-treatment for the protection against cancer. In certain studies on this issue it has been observed that when the injection containing neem extract is given around the tumor then the decrease in the size of tumor has been noticed within a few weeks period. 

Spread of Cancer

Neem cancer treatment also reduces the spread of cancer cells in the body as neem stops their stickiness to other normal cells of the body. Therefore neem leaf extract reduces the malignancy of cancer cells. 

Presence of Antioxidants

Certain antioxidants present in the neem prevent the happening of cancer itself. Cancer cells are also destroyed by these chemicals and thus prevent its occurrence. More information on Neem Cancer Treatment 

Glutathione, an antioxidant compound produced by neem is a carcinogen-detoxifying enzyme. Studies have been conducted on rat and it has been found that it is very effective in curing brain damage with the production of ascorbic acid. 

In Journal of Ethnopharmacology research has been published showing anticancer effect of ethanolic neem leaf extract on prostate cancer cell line. In the study it has been proved that an ethanolic extract of neem causes the death of prostate cancer cells (PC-3).

Neem Cancer Treatment




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Alt + 5.......♣...... ­Club
Alt + 3............. ­Heart
Alt + 4.......♦...... ­Diamond
Alt + 13......♪.....e­ighth note
Alt + 14......♫...... ­beamed eighth note
Alt + 8721.... ∑.... N-ary summation (auto sum)
Alt + 251.....√.....s­quare root check mark
Alt + 8236.....∞..... ­infinity
Alt + 24.......↑..... ­up arrow
Alt + 25......↓...... ­down arrow
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Alt + 18.....↕......u­p/down arrow
Alt + 29......↔... left right arrow

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Древен код пази България

Древен код пази България

Розетата от Плиска пази кодовете на човешката цивилизация. А близо половин век след археологическите разкопки артефактът продължава да е обект на задълбочени изследвания. Тя е открита през 1961 година. Датирана е в периода VII-IX век. Розетата е с диаметър 38 см и представлява седемлъчева звезда с изсечени на всеки лъч по два прабългарски рунически знака и халкичка за окачване. На гърба на медальона е изсечен прабългарският знак IYI. Според покойния наш археолог Рашо Рашев знакът се открива най-често в християнски контекст, а значението му е все още неизяснено напълно.
Според други български изследователи, като Александър Алексиев-Хофарт и доцент Иван Танев, знаците и лъчите на розетата са свързани с познатите в древността седем планети, към които тогава са включвали Слънцето и Луната. Техните изследвания стигат до извода, че най-горният лъч представя Слънцето. Освен това знакът IYI на обратната страна сочи именно към този лъч. По часовникова стрелка планетите са подредени, както следва: Марс (вторник), Юпитер (четвъртък), Сатурн (събота), Месец (понеделник), Меркурий (сряда), Венера (петък), Слънце (неделя). Така или иначе, това е най-древният писмен надпис по нашите земи. А писмеността е била израз на равнището на цивилизацията на всеки народ - от египетските йероглифи през клиновидното писмо на шумерите и до първите фонетични азбуки на индийци и финикийци.
В предантичния Егейски регион, който включва и днешните български земи, се е употребявали особен вид знаци, наречени от учените днес Линеарен А и Линеарен Б. Линеарен А е възникнал през XVIII век преди Христа, а за Линеарен Б се смята, че е създаден през XV век преди Христа. Произходът на Линеарен А е в нашата родина. Малцина знаят, че знаците от Градешница, Караново и други предшестват с векове тези от Крит и Пелопонес, което е доказано още преди половин век от академик Владимир Георгиев. Тази най-древна писмена система e позната и на старите българи. Това е факт, показващ, че ние сме потомци на народ, който е изиграл изключително важна роля в оформянето на историята на нашия континент.
Всеки знак от старобългарския артефакт има еквивалент сред Линеарен А и Линеарен Б. Във фигура 1 е представено изображение на розетката и сравнение на нейните знаци с Линеарен А и Линеарен Б.
Пл. - знаци на розетката от Плиска
Л. А - Линеарен А
Л. Б - Линеарен Б
Тук имаме не едно-две, а четиринадесет съответствия, което показва, че не може да става дума за случайност. След като поне две хиляди и петстотин години делят старобългарските руни от розетката в Плиска и Линеарен А, разликите могат да се определят като незначителни. Малките отклонения са обясними като стилови особености, възникнали във времето. Не съществува писмена система, която да не се развива.
Върху обратната страна на розетката е гравиран старобългарския символ IYI. Той е изключително древен, среща се в Европа още през бронзовата епоха и присъства и на крепостните стени на Плиска.
Доказателство, че руните от Плиска имат общ произход с древните егейски писмености, е фактът, че ако въз основа на приликите с линеарните писмености се въведат звукови стойности на руните от Плиска, ще бъдат прочетени български думи (Фиг.2)
ЛЕПИ - лепъ - хубав, подходящ;
САА - сая, сянка [1]
ЛОНО- лоно, основа;
ПЕКЕ - пек, жега;
БУРА- буря;
ЕТИ, ЯТИ - хващам, вярвам, започвам;
ВОПИ - вопъл, въпити - викам;
Комбинацията на сянка (сая), буря, пек навява на мисълта, че розетката е използвана за предсказване на времето или за календар. Седемте лъча не са проблем. Днес имаме четири сезона, но в древността разделението на годишните времена било съвсем различно.
Разбира се, думите от розетката може да имат преносно значение и да се окаже, че функцията на старобългарския артефакт не е част от календар, а нещо съвсем друго. Но важното е, че на комбинацията от старобългарски руни, разположени по всеки лъч, може да се даде смисъл, като се приложат звукови стойности въз основа на приликите с линеарните писмености. Трябва да се добави, че не само руните гравирани на розетката от Плиска имат успоредици в древните Линеар А и Линеар Б. Върху старобългарска керамика, скали, стени на крепости и т.н. са изобразени доста старобългарски руни. Сравним ли ги със знаците, използвани от древните критяни, виждаме, че съществуват значителен брой паралели. Те могат да се видят на таблица 2.
Таблица 2
БР- български руни
ЛП -линеарна писменост
Могат ли четиридесет и две ясни успоредици да се нарекат съвпадение? Прекалено много са, за да бъде случайност. Единственото логично обяснение за приликата на старобългарските руни с най-старите писмености на егейския регион и Тракия е това, че нашите деди са местно население, обитаващо земите ни от дълбока древност, т.е. старите българи принадлежат на тракийската общност. А и археологическите находки и етнографските изселвания потвърждават, че по отношение на погребални ритуали, въоръжение, народна носия, земеделски сечива, лични имена и обичаи ние, българите, сме несъмнено потомци на тракийския народ. На тези, които бяха възпети от Омир в "Илиадата", и които станаха пълководци и императори на Рим.


Натисни точките на ходилата - убий болките в тялото

Натисни точките на ходилата - убий болките в тялото

Цялото тяло е по стъпалото

Народните лечители съветват да се ходи колкото може повече време боси.
тялото - върху него са съсредоточени значителен брой терморецептори. Неслучайно народният опит казва: настинал ли си, веднага сложи краката в гореща вода с морска сол! Повишената физиологична активност на стъпалата обяснява защо от краката най-лесно тръгва настинката. Когато стъпалото не е закалено, колебанията в температурата могат да понижат съпротивителните сили на организма и да ни докаратболест. Затова закалителните процедури на стъпалата са задължителни, ако искаме да укрепим здравето си. Масажът, тренировките и укрепването на физиологичната активност на стъпалото е един от основните фактори за укрепване и на човешкото здраве. Затова ходенето бос е не само полезно - то е задължително! Обут ли е кракът ни, изкуственият микроклимат на комфорт привежда рецепторите върху стъпалата ни в принудително бездействие, понижава естествената им физиологична активност, а оттам - и защитната им функция при адаптация на човека към различни условия.
По човешкото стъпало има много биологично активни точки.
Освен опитът на източните народи, и науката отдавна е установила, че по повърхността на човешкото стъпало са разположени точки, свързани с вътрешните ни органи и с жизнено важни центрове на човешкия организъм. Когато се разболеем, биологичната активност на тези точки се повишава в зависимост от степента на увреждане на дадения орган. След отзвучаване на болестта тя се нормализира. Тези особености на стъпалото показват неговата роля при закаляването и обясняват значението на масажа и различните процедури, които, независимо че се прилагат на стъпалото, въздействат върху целия организъм на човек.
Когато се масажира стъпалото, се започва от пръстите и се върви към петата, като внимателно се обхожда всяка една от физиологичните точки. Добре е след масажа да се направят и водни процедури, като се редува топла със студена вода. 
На снимката: Ляво стъпало:
  • 1. Глава, мозък, дясна страна
  • 2. Синуси, дясна страна
  • 3. Ствол на мозъка, малък мозък
  • 4. Хипофиза
  • 5. Слепоочие, дясна страна
  • 6. Нос
  • 7. Врат
  • 8. Дясно око
  • 9. Дясно ухо
  • 10. Ляво рамо
  • 11. Трапецовиден мускул, лява страна
  • 12. Щитовидна жлеза
  • 13. Паратиреоидна жлеза
  • 14. Бял дроб, бронхи, лява страна
  • 15. Стомах
  • 16. Дванадесетопръстник
  • 17. Панкреас
  • 20. Слънчев сплит
  • 21. Надбъбречна жлеза, лява страна
  • 22. Бъбрек, ляв
  • 23. Пикочен канал, лява страна
  • 24. Пикочен мехур
  • 25. Тънки черва
  • 29. Напречна част на дебелото черво
  • 30. Дебело черво, част надолу
  • 31. Право черво
  • 32. Анус
  • 33. Сърце
  • 34. Далак
  • 35. Ляво коляно
  • 36. Семенна жлеза, тестиси или яйчници, лява страна
Дясно стъпало: 
  • 1. Мозък, лява половина
  • 2. Синуси, челни, лява половина
  • 3. Ствол на мозъка, малък мозък
  • 4. Хипофиза
  • 5. Ляво слепоочие, троичен нерв
  • 6. Нос
  • 7. Врат
  • 8. Ляво око
  • 9. Ляво ухо
  • 10. Дясно рамо
  • 11. Трапецовиден мускул дясна страна
  • 12. Щитовидна жлеза /тиреоидна/
  • 13. Паратиреоидна жлеза
  • 14. Бял дроб и бронхи, дясна страна
  • 15. Стомах
  • 16. Дванадесетопръстник
  • 17. Панкреас
  • 18. Черен дроб
  • 19. Жлъчен мехур
  • 20. Слънчев сплит
  • 21. Надбъбречна жлеза, дясна страна
  • 22. Бъбрек, десен
  • 23. Пикочен канал, дясна страна
  • 24. Пикочен мехур
  • 25. Тънки черва
  • 26. Апендикс
  • 27. Илеоцекална клапа
  • 28. Горната част на дебелото черво
  • 29. Напречна част на дебелото черво
  • 35. Дясно коляно
  • 36. Семенна жлеза


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