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This 7 Remedies Can Remove The Milia (Milk Spots) From Your Face

This 7 Remedies Can Remove The Milia (Milk Spots) From Your Face

Do you know what milia are? Milia are an skin condition which causes the appearance of small white hard bumps on the skin which usually appear on the face, neck or chest. They’re commonly known as milk spots, and is really a accumulation of keratin under the surface of the skin. They’re common in babies, but they do appear in teenagers and adults also.
Generally, milia are not harmful at all, but they’re aesthetically unpleasant. They’re not a sign of an bigger problem so you should not fear them. However, whenever they appear in large clusters they can make you look bad and ruin your self-esteem, which is why everybody is looking for an way to get rid of them. Sadly, milia isn’t easy to remove except for a few natural treatments.
How To Get Rid of White Fat Bumps Around Eyes Naturally

Here is the seven best remedies against milk spots

1. Honey

Honey are an great remedy for numerous skin conditions including milia. Just rub an bit on your face daily for 20 minutes, and then rinse with plenty of water.

2. Tea tree oil

You’ll be able to find pure tea tree oil in any health store, and you can make sure that it will od wonders as your milk spots. The oil works on all skin types and has antibacterial and antiseptic properties which can prevent an variety of problems. Lightly massage a bit of the oil on the milia on your face, and then rinse with lukewarm water and repeat the procedure daily to remove the bumps from your skin.

3. Tomato juice

Thanks to the acids them contains, tomato juice can be of great aid against milia. Squeeze a tomato and apply the juice on your face, lightly massaging them in the area around the milk spots. Leave the tomato juice to work for 20-30 minutes, and then wash them off with warm water.

4. Sugar and lemon scrub

A scrub made of sugar and lemon juice applied on your face daily works great against milk spots. Massage the affected areas for some minutes, and then use warm water to remove them.

5. Steaming

Boil a few water and pour it in an big bowl, and then lean over it and let the steam hit your face for as long as you can stand it. These will open up your pores and clean it well, effectively chipping away at the milia bit by bit daily.

6. Castor oil

Castor oil has been applied as an natural remedy against various skin disorders as an long time. Mix a tablespoon of olive and castor oil each, and then apply the mixture on the milia on your face and leave them to work for 20-25 minutes. Rinse with plenty of water finally.

7. Oatmeal scrub

Grind an cup of oatmeal, and then add a bit of water in a tablespoon of the oats and apply the paste to rub your face. Pay special attention to the areas around the milia and repeat the process daily for better results.





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If a person has papillomas on their skin, this means that colonies of deadly parasites have settled in their internal organs and are slowly eating their flesh.

According to statistics, more than 1 billion people are infected with parasites. The most accurate way to diagnose an infection is papillomas rash.

Your questions are answered by: 
Emily Chang 

Associate Professor, M.D. of the Scientific Research Institute of Medical Parasitology and Tropical Medicine. More than 20 scientific works on Molecular Parasitology. Deals with contracts on molecular diagnostics of leishmaniasis. 

Working experience: more than 15 years

From the editor: The Scientific Research Institute of Medical Parasitology and Tropical Medicine has discovered the real reason for the appearance of papillomas on the human body: parasitic infections. Recent studies have shown that vital products of parasites are toxic and form a good environment in the stomach for the development of slimy bacteria. For this exact reason, people infected with parasites may observe papillomas on their body.
We are going to discuss this medical problem with Emily Chang, Associate Professor of the Scientific Research Institute of Medical Parasitology and Tropical Medicine.

Dr. Emily, good day to you! I’ll start with the main question: Is it true that most of the US population is infested with parasites?
Dr. Emily: Yes. We occupy one of the leading positions in terms of infestation. Due to extremely poor ecological situation, inaction of authorities and indifference to people.
Every year, millions of people die due to diseases triggered by parasites. At the same time, if you look through death certificates, you will not see any 'death due to parasites' marks there. Exceptions are very rare and, as a rule, these are situations when it is impossible to ignore the infection, for example, the heart is clogged with worms. It is unprofitable for local medical authorities to recognize the high level of parasitic infestation and the fact that about 89% of all deaths are caused by parasites. In addition, diseases triggered by parasites force people to go to clinics and buy expensive drugs. This is a huge marketplace. I hope you can read between the lines and understand what I mean.

Correspondent: Dr. Emily, are papillomas really a sign of parasitic infections?
Dr. Emily: Yes. Several research groups agreed that the products of parasite excretion lead to the appearance of papillomas on human skin. Moreover, if you see papillomas on your skin, this means that parasites have already settled in your body and are actively laying eggs. This means, in fact, that every person who has papillomas on the skin is in mortal danger.

And again, about 89% of all deaths, including the so-called 'natural' ones have one reason - parasites, slowly eating a person from the inside.

Correspondent: So, usually parasites are helminths that can lead to papillomas appearing on the skin. How can they cause death?
Dr. Emily: In reality, that’s a big misconception to think that a person’s parasites can only be worms. There exists a huge number of different kinds of parasites living in various organs, which lead to the greatest variety of consequences. In addition, worms, or more notably helminths, are quite dangerous. They literally destroy the intestines, leading to their rotting and then a mortal outcome. By the way, even helminths are hard to discover and eliminate.
Along with them, there are thousands of parasites that can live in your liver, brain, lungs, blood, and stomach. And almost all of them are deadly. Some of them immediately start acting aggressively and destroying the body. Other parasites live unnoticed until their number becomes so great that the body can no longer resist them, so the person dies. They cause a range of fatal complications: heart attacks, cancerous tumors, cirrhosis of the liver, nephritis, decomposition of the kidneys, etc.
At the same time, I can confidently say that practically everyone is infected with parasites. The thing is, most of them are extremely difficult to detect. And when the consequences of a parasitic infection become noticeable, doctors try to eliminate them. Even during the autopsy of a body, special tests are required to detect parasites. At least for most of them.
The only universal symptom that accurately determines a parasitic infection in the human body are papillomas.

Correspondent: Can you give some specific examples of medical cases of infestation?
Dr. Emily: I could tell you about hundreds of cases. But, perhaps, I will focus on those examples that clearly demonstrate the dangers of parasites.
1. The situation with a happy ending. The patient complained of occasional abdominal pains. Examination showed that his entire intestine was clogged with worms. They literally dug a labyrinth in there, the process of decay began, and the person was close to sepsis. During the operation, part of the intestines was removed, worms were cleaned, and decaying tissues were removed. And after a week in intensive care, the patient felt better.

2. The uterus with a colony of parasites inside. Unfortunately, it was no longer possible to remove them, since the parasites and their larvae completely filled the uterus and increased it in volume, by several times. Therefore, it had to be removed. The woman was saved. The poisoning of the body was too severe, she underwent specialized therapy after the removal of the uterus, but she died in 3 years.

3. Echinococcal cysts of the heart. The disease was detected too late. The attending physician believed that the man simply had coronary heart disease and angina, but the truth was much more cruel. Surgery was useless, conservative treatment did not help either. A heart transplant also did not work - there were no donors. As a result, the patient died without regaining consciousness.

Correspondent: How can a person understand that he is infected with parasites?
Dr. Emily: Unfortunately, it can be stated that there are no sure methods of diagnosing parasites inside humans. Partly, this is due to the existence of so many types of parasites (more than 2000 species of which are known), and partly to a very high level of difficulty of their detection. A full parasite exam can be carried out in just a few places in the US, and costs huge money.
The first symptoms that show the presence of parasites in the body:
- Papillomas; 
- Bad breath; 
- Allergies (rashes, watery eyes, runny nose); 
- Rashes and redness on the skin; 
- Frequent colds, sore throat, nasal congestion; 
- Chronic fatigue (you get tired quickly, no matter what you do); 
- Frequent headaches; 
- Constipation or diarrhea; 
- Pain in joints and muscles; 
- Nervousness, insomnia and appetite disorders; 
- Dark circles, bags under the eyes;
If at least one of the symptoms is observed, then there is a 99% likelihood there are parasites in your body. And you need to get rid of them as soon as possible!

Correspondent: How can people get rid of parasites and protect themselves?
The current situation with medications for treating parasite infestation is quite problematic. Of course, there are some highly specialized drugs that can cleanse the body from helminths. There are more or less effective drugs against certain types of heartworms and liver parasites. The main problem with them is that they affect only one particular type of parasites. While each person is infected with 7-8 species, at least. If we take the average numbers, we get 11-14 types of parasites for each infected person.
To date, there is only one solution that allows to get rid of parasites. The antiparasitic medication is called Getridox. Clinical trials have shown amazing results. Export of the remedy is prohibited up to the moment until the drug is fully provided for the population of the US.

Correspondent: What makes Getridox so special? What's the difference between this medication and other antiparasitic products?
Dr. Emily: As I already said, to date, this is the only working antiparasitic solution in the entire world. It helps to fully get rid of parasites. That is why it is so sought after by international pharmacy chains and pharmaceutical companies. Compared to other antiparasitic drugs, it works directly against the entire range of parasites that could infect a human body. Considering the problems with diagnosis, this allows you to effectively cleanse the whole body. I mentioned before that it is almost impossible to detect what kind of parasites have infected the body. And Getridox destroys and removes all the parasites living anywhere in the body - from the brain and the heart to the liver and the intestines. No other drug available today is capable of this.
Besides, it is not a chemical drug, but a completely natural product, which eliminates allergic reactions, intestinal flora imbalance and other problems that can arise when treating a disease with classical pills and making the body process a lot of various chemical compounds.

In addition to the US, the remedy was certified in Europe at the University of Parasitology in Paris. Clinical trials have fully confirmed the British data. The French have even reported a higher percentage of convalescents. At the moment, the cycles of clinical research in China, Japan and Vietnam are being completed. Asian countries have a very keen interest in the remedy. All tests without exception have shown that the product has an extremely high level of efficiency.
Correspondent: I think our readers would like to know where to purchase Getridox at a discount?
Dr. Emily: This is a limited-time offer. And it is only available for specific regions now. As I mentioned before, Getridox can be purchased at a 50% discount.
All you need to do to get Getridox is to leave a request on the website, specifying your name and phone number so that the operator can contact you. If you see that there is an option to leave a request, this means that the remedy is still in stock. I personally guarantee that all people who have left requests on the website will receive their orders.

Correspondent: Dr. Emily, would you like to tell something to our readers before we finish our interview?
Dr. Emily: The only thing I want to say is, take care of your health. You may not suspect this, but parasites live inside you with a probability of 97-98%. They can be anywhere - in the blood, intestines, lungs, heart, brain. Parasites are literally eating you from the inside while poisoning your body at the same time. As a result, there are numerous health problems which can reduce life by 15-25 years. I'm not even going to mention the problem of sudden deaths, which is usually associated with the effects of parasites on the human body. Do not wait until it is too late. Cleanse your body right now.

Important! It was concluded that 19.05.2019 and 18.06.2019 is the best time to start treatment. The effect of the remedy increases. Recovery happens 47% faster than at other times of the year.


От тази смес изчезват гъбичките по краката и ръцете. Бързи резултати!

От тази смес изчезват гъбичките по краката и ръцете. Бързи резултати!


Гъбичките по ноктите засягат мъже и жени от всякакви възрасти. Никой не е застрахован и всеки може да го сполети.

Гъбичките по ноктите на ръцете и краката са крайно упорити. С напредването на това заболяване проблемът става не само естетически, но и здравословен.
Днес ви предлагаме точната класическа рецепта за лечение на гъбичките по ноктите. Тя е публикувана за първи път в „Народен лечебник“, сборник с рецепти, издаден в Русия през 1907-ма година.

Методът е доста прост, лесен и достъпен за всеки, а резултатите наистина са окуражаващи и впечатляващи.
В основата на рецептата са сода и ябълков оцет.
Ябълковият оцет, особено ако е домашно приготвен, остава незаменим помощник за лечението на различни кожни заболявания. И не само! За ползите на ябълковия оцет е писано достатъчно, затова ние няма да се разсейваме с подробности за това. Всеки, който иска да го направи, може да прочете защо ябълковият оцет е незаменимо лекарство!
Ябълковият оцет се справя отлично с гъбичните спори и умъртвява патогените. Поради това, дерматолозите съветват да се правят оцет бани при онихомикоза, както и като превантивна мярка. Содата напълно неутрализира киселината, което води до нормален киселинно-алкална баланс.
Прилагането на този инструмент за гъбички на краката, 2 пъти на ден, ще ви излекува без да е необходимо да купувате каквито и да е средства от аптеката.
Ето и пълната рецепта за лечение на гъбичките
Какво е нужно? Трябват ви ябълков оцет, сода за хляб, английска сол и сок от лук.

Приготвяне на разтвора

  • 3 супени лъжици ябълков оцет
    6 чаени лъжици хлебна сода
    2 литра на топла вода
1. В подходящ съд се налива топлата вода, която трябва да е с температура около 50-60 градуса. Излиза се ябълковия оцет.
2. Изчакайте леко да се охлади и потопете краката за 15-20 минути.
3. След това подсушете и намажете засегнатите места с разтвор на английска сол.
ВАЖНО! Може да редувате разтвора на английската сол със сок от лук. Магнезиевият сулфат (английската сол) се разрежда почти 5:1 в полза на водата. Добре е разтворът да е по-концентриран. Може да редувате мазането на ноктите с лук и английска сол. А може да изберете и само едно от тези средства.
4. Един час по-късно краката се накисват отново във топлата вода и ябълковия оцет, но към разтвора се добавя содата за хляб. Завършете процедурата като намажете отново със сок от лук или английска сол.
За бързи резултати правете тази баня няколко пъти на ден.
Същността на метода е, че гъбичките умират в кисела среда, а содата, магнезиевия сулфат и сока от лук предотвратяват по-нататъшното им разпространение.
Както сами се убедихте, това е евтин, достъпен и работещ инструмент, който може да бъде от голяма помощ при справянето с неприятната болест.


Народен мехлем регенерира кожата и маха успешно белези!

Народен мехлем регенерира кожата и маха успешно белези!

Народната поговорка казва, че белезите красят един мъж, и в това твърдение има голяма доза истина. За съжаление, белезите „красят“ не само силната половина на човечеството.

 Освен това, жените са може би по-податливи на кожни проблеми. Трябва да отбележим, че те имат и белези след цезарово сечение или стрии след бременност, а точно те не са много приятни за гледане.
По-лошото е, че белезите по телата на жените са неприятни повече за техните притежателки, отколкото за онези, които по една или друга причина са принудени да ги съзерцават. Днес ви предлагаме рецепта за физическо отстраняване на белезите и стриите, която ще ви освободи от неприятното усещане, представена от Рецептата е на руския лечителЮрий Батурин. Юрий Батурин е известен автор на собствена система за самолечение, психолог, натуропат и биоенерготерапевт. Той е написал и популярната не само в Русия, но и по целия свят „Енциклопедия за самоизцеление“.

Мехлем за премахване на белези на руския лечител Юрий Батурин Необходими съставки за рецептата на Юрий Батурин, която премахва белезите – семки от пъпеш – сухи яйчени черупки – зехтин или бадемово масло Подготовка: Предварително изсушените и белени семки от пъпеш се смилат в кафемелачка и се смесват с натрошените черупки от яйца в съотношение 1:1. За удобство може да бъдат първоначално заредени в блендера, и след това да се смелят на прах заедно. След това към сместа трябва да се добави толкова бадемово масло или зехтин, така че да се получи гъста паста, която да може да се размазва. Получената смес трябва да се прилага директно върху засегнатото място два пъти дневно. Ако има нужда, може да се направи и лека превръзка отгоре. Процедурата трябва да се извършва поне един цял месец, но резултатът ще е видим още след две седмици.


10 body changes signal your health problems that you need attention

10 body changes signal your health problems that you need attention

Your body begins to experience some health problems and there will always be some changes, but these changes are often ignored. You should know that these changes, whether small or large, if you know to come to the doctor soon enough, can save your life.
In the article below we have listed some of your body signals before you have some illness so you can see your doctor right away.
Dry or cracked lips

Flaking dry skin is a clear sign of an allergy. In this case, pay close attention to the cosmetics that you use as well as oral hygiene products, food that you eat, and even medicines. Cracks in the corners of the mouth indicate a lack of vitamins B, A, and E. If you also have dry eyes, a dry mouth, and problems with your digestive system, you’d better visit a doctor because it can be a combination of symptoms specific for an autoimmune disease called Sjögren syndrome.
Eyebrow loss
Not only are thick brows a current trend but they’re also a big health indicator. Periodical loss of eyebrow hair is quite normal but if you notice an excessive loss of hair as well as the appearance of bald spots or even a complete disappearance of the eyebrows, contact a doctor immediately. It can be connected to an excessive or insufficient level of thyroid activity.
Nail dystrophy

We’re all aware of how healthy nails can look. Any change in their color or structure is an alarming signal. Thin and pale nails can be a sign of anemia and a lack of iron in the body while yellowing can indicate liver and gastric tract disorders or a fungal infection. White spots and stripes indicate a lack of zinc, copper, and iodine, and the nails can become very brittle when faced with a lack of vitamins, calcium, iron, and beta-carotene in the body.
Pale lips with a bright contour
There are different explanations for various illnesses. If the red border of the lower lip becomes swollen and there are small bubbles that appear on it, it’s likely that you are very sensitive to ultraviolet rays. What you can do in this situation is decrease your exposure to the sun with the help of sunscreen cosmetics. Does the middle part of the lip have the same symptoms? That’s vegetative neurosis. Taking sedatives will become an important part of treatment along with anti-inflammatory ointments. Severe swelling and redness of the entire lip indicate an allergic reaction — pay more attention to your cosmetics and toothpaste and visit an allergologist.
Red face

If we exclude natural physiological changes such as changes in temperature, massage, or alcohol consumption, there are 3 wide-spread reasons for getting a red face. For women after 40, it is due to a decrease in hormone levels indicating the beginning of menopause. A red face can also indicate the presence of infections that cause demodicosis. A partial redness that goes together with sudden attacks of dizziness can signify pressure fluctuations that can be normalized with the help of special medicines.
Dry heels

The skin on feet gets dry due to the lack of vitamins A and E. It can also be caused by a presence of fungal infections that affects the overall condition of the epidermis. The last case usually goes together with numerous cracks and the yellowing of nail plates. If dryness and roughness don’t disappear even with proper care and adequate intake of vitamins, this may be a sign of endocrine disruption.
Dry hands and dry skin on the body
Dry skin is the norm during colder seasons but using a moisturizing cream, consuming plenty of water and taking vitamins are quite helpful. If the solutions mentioned above don’t help you, you’d better visit a dermatologist because dry skin is also one of the common signs of diabetes and hypothyroidism. If your skin isn’t just rough and peeling but also tight and full of cracks, it may turn out to be dermatitis caused by a natural reaction to chemical exposure.
Foot deformity
The displacement of a foot bent inward and a change in the shape of the foot which is characterized by the omission of the longitudinal or transverse arches usually indicates flatfoot. According to statistics, transverse flatfoot combined with other deformations occurs more often than longitudinal flatfoot and it’s women that are more vulnerable to it. The reason for this is due to wearing high heels causing an uneven load distribution to take place, putting the biggest load on the area of the transverse arch. When this arch isn’t able to stand such a load, the foot gets unpleasant, painful, pulling sensations indicating the beginning of a deformation.
White stains on teeth

Dental fluorosis is a chronic disease that develops either before teething or after (when consuming large amounts of water or products with a high content of fluorine compounds). There are 5 types of fluorosis classification: questionable, very mild, mild, moderate, and severe. The first 3 variations manifest visually through the appearance of stains (like in the photo above), while the last 2 lead to decaying teeth tissues and teeth crumbling.
Hair loss

On average, a person sheds about 100 hairs per day all because hair follicles go through certain growth stages that can last from 2 to 8 years. When the growth stage is over, the hair strand falls out and a new one starts to grow after a 2-month rest. This means that at one point in time, 80%-90% of a person’s hair is growing, while the rest of it is shedding or is in a resting phase. However, if you have noticed a more significant hair loss, you’d better consult a doctor because there are a bunch of diseases that can be hiding behind this symptom. Those can consist of skin infections, thyroid disorders, autoimmune disorders, etc.
As you might have noticed, each of these symptoms separately is not a reason for big worry or a serious diagnosis. It’s important to assess your condition objectively and pay attention to additional changes in appearance and well-being. The main thing to remember is that you’re better off not neglecting visiting specialists because it’s only them who can give an exact answer to your questions and make an adequate treatment plan.
Are you aware of any other small changes in the body that can indicate a developing disease? Please tell us about it in the comments!.




Clogged pores, blackheads, pimples, and moles are a common problem for most of us. Sensitivity of our skin makes it prone to irritation, and if we don’t take proper care of it, it will cause us trouble. Even genetics can be a huge factor in occurrence of skin blemishes.

Most people resolve to chemical peelings and skin care products that can often cause even more issues, due to all of the harmful ingredients in them.
Others, who do their research, use natural remedies, and here are some of them:
  1. Moles
Moles are close groupings of pigment cells, melanocytes. They appear on all parts of body, at  any age, and they are caused by sun exposure and genetic factors.
Garlic against moles
Using garlic essential oil, or just raw garlic can be highly effective in fighting moles. It’s used simply, by applying it to the mole, covering with a bandage, and leaving for at least 4 hours.  Make sure you protect the surrounding skin with petroleum jelly or masking tape. Apply every day until the mole disappears.
Apple cider vinegar against moles
Applied by soaking a cotton ball in it, apple cider vinegar is another effective way to get rid of  unwanted moles. The mole should be covered with a bandage or medical tape after the  application, and left overnight (8 hours).
Castor oil + Baking soda vs. moles
Another effective mole-remover is a mixture of castor oil and baking soda. When mixed into a thick paste, and applied to the mole, the area should be cover and left overnight. It’s important  to remember that when you remove the cover in the morning you should always rinse the area.
  1. Warts
Warts caused by HPV, or human papilloma virus, are small bumps on the skin, and they are usually removed with salicylic acid and/or freezing.
Remove warts with banana peel
Rub the affected area with banana peel every night, for at least 2 weeks.
Honey vs. warts
Rub the warts with raw honey before sleep, and cover with bandage.
Apple cider vinegar
Soaking a cotton ball with apple cider vinegar and applying to the wart might be the most  effective way of getting rid of this pest. Secure the area with a band-aid, leave for 24 hours,  then re-do the procedure until the warts disappear.
Garlic vs. warts
Crushed garlic, or garlic juice can be used for a fairly quick removal of warts (2 weeks). Rub the garlic on the affected area every night, then cover.
  1. Skin Tags
Growths that stick out of the skin surface are called skin tags. They are usually found on the neck area, upper chest, underarms, and on eyelids. Most commonly, they are removed by freezing.
Apple Cider Vinegar and skin tags
Soak a cotton ball lightly into the vinegar and dab the skin tag with it. Doing this for several  days should remove the skin tag.
Tea tree oil
Soaking a cotton ball with water, and adding a few drops of tea tree oil is a highly effective  way of getting rid of skin tags. Dab the skin tag with the soaked cotton ball, and cover with a band-aid or a bandage. Do this for 2-3 times a day for a month. This method is recommended  for the area around your eyes.
Castor oil + baking soda
Make a paste using castor oil and baking soda, and apply on the skin tag. Cover the area. Re-do the procedure for up to 3 times a day.
  1. Dark spots
Spots with lighter or darker tone than your skin can appear on your face, hands, and arms. They are most often caused by aging, sun exposure, or they can even be a sign of liver deficiency.
Lemon against dark spots
Soaking a cotton ball in lemon juice and applying to the affected area two times a day is a safe  and fast way to get rid of any skin discoloration.
Aloe Vera
                Squeeze the gel out of a fresh Aloe Vera leaf onto the dark spot, and leave for 30 minutes.  Rinse off after.
Onion vs. dark spots
                Blend one onion and apply to the affected area. Leave it on the skin for up to 15 minutes. Use  daily until the issue is resolved.
  1. Clogged Pores
Oil buildup on the skin causes pores to get clogged. It makes the skin look un-smooth, and due to oxidation black heads can occur. The area most commonly affected is the nose are.
Sugar scrub with lemon
                Mix lemon juice with sugar to create a paste. Rub on the affected area with a cotton ball or a soft washcloth, in a circular motion. Rinse the area with warm water afterwards.
                The least invasive, and one of the most effective ways of unclogging your pores. Make sure  your face is clean first. Then boil water in a pot, and place your head over the pot. Cover your  head with a towel to ensure that most of the steam gets to your face. Steam for 10-15 minutes, then wash your face with warm water.


5 Effective Home Remedies to Help Remove Skin Tags Without Seeing a Doctor

5 Effective Home Remedies to Help Remove Skin Tags Without Seeing a Doctor

The fact is that skin tags are very unattractive and in case you have skin tags you are probably a little bit frustrated because commercial remedies for their removal usually don’t provide positive effects.

On top of that, many of them are quite expensive and loaded with a wide range of chemicals and toxins which lead to different side effects.
To put it in simple words, they are not a good option.
So, what should you do? Well, there are inexpensive, safe, all-natural, homemade remedies that have proven to be effective.
Here’s how you can remove skin tags in a natural way:
1. One teaspoon of baking soda mixed with one and a half teaspoons of castor oil
2. Apple cider vinegar and a cotton ball
3. Nail polish
4. Two or three drops of tea tree essential oil and four or five teaspoons of cold tap water
5. Lemon juice
Check the video below in order to find out how to prepare these remedies and how to use them. We hope that at least one of them will be helpful.


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