Turmeric Tea Recipe | Anti-Inflammatory Tonic

Turmeric Tea Recipe | Anti-Inflammatory Tonic

And here I have for you, a brand shiny and new spice infused turmeric tea recipe using loads of anti-inflammatory herbs to keep inflammation down and the immune system healthy. One of the most popular posts and recipes I've ever written (besides the ditty on Arbonne), was a sleeper hit about an anti-inflammatory turmeric tea recipe I had been introduced to while running a retreat in St. Lucia. And for great reason! Inflammation is running wild in our bodies these days, leading to all kinds of seemingly disconnected symptoms, from joint pain to food allergies to digestive troubles.Turmeric's active ingredient curcumin is one of nature's most powerful anti-inflammatory herbs.
With the holidays upon us, I thought I'd kick it old school nutritionista-style and remind you that while living the Awesome Life is about more than just we eat - what we eat still counts a whole heaping spoonful of a lot. And so, I present to you the benefits of this simple and delicious tonic, now upgraded with the addition of loads more powerful herbs.

The Health Benefits of Turmeric

  • Antioxidant: Curcumin has the ability to quench free radicals that can cause mutation in our DNA.
  • Cancer Preventative: The cancer-causing effects of cigarette smoke, barbequing, and smoke of any kind are suppressed by curcumin.
  • Anti-Inflammatory: Curcumin’s anti-inflammatory powers are as effective as phenylbutazone and cortisone without the side effects.
  • Liver Protective: Curcumin has been shown to have a protective effect on the liver and is incredibly effective at increasing bile release, which helps with fat digestion.
  • Super Brain Function: Curcumin greatly reduces the rate of mental decline.
  • Kills the Bad Guys: Curcumin has anti-microbial properties that fight the nasty guys such as Clostridium, Streptococcus, Entamoeba histolytica, and several pathogenic fungi.
Most often, we enjoy turmeric when flavouring (and gorgaliciously colouring) our favourite Indian curries. Turmeric is what gives these dishes that orange glow (and it unfortunately stains your counters and blender). You can also find it as a whole root, if you're lucky to live somewhere where that's available, but most often I use the dried, powdered version.


To craft up this new powerhouse drink, I added some other top notch anti-inflammatory herbs to the mix including cloves, cardamom seeds, goji berries and a pinch of cayenne. I tossed in the power fat hemp seeds for their anti-inflammatory omega 3s, as well as organic clarified butter (also known as ghee) for its gut-healing and nervous system-fueling medium chain saturated fats.
Fat is a pretty important part of any herbal tonic. See, herbs have different medicinal components to them, some of which are water soluble and others that are fat soluble. When you add a shlop of fat to your herbal bevvys, you're getting the best of both worlds - the full medicinal kapow. And you could always use coconut oil if you kick it vegan.
I sweetened the brew with a little dollop of raw honey. This is trulyculinary nutrition at its very, very best - something that tastes super amazing, and fuels every cell of your body with bullet proof health.
The colour of this blend is something super special!
And this, my friends, is the new and improved, next level, bullet proof Turmeric Tea Tonic recipe. Drink it in the best health ever!
An anti-inflammatory elixir for immune health.
  • 1½ cups hot water
  • ½ tsp up to 1 tsp turmeric (work your way up!)
  • ½ tsp cardamom seeds
  • ½ tsp whole cloves or ¼ tsp ground
  • pinch of cayenne
  • 1 Tbsp Goji Berries
  • 2 Tbsp Hemp Seeds
  • 1 Tbsp Ghee or Coconut Oil
  • 1 Tbsp honey, or to taste
Make It Like So
Blender Method
  1. Place all ingredients in your high speed venting blender and blend until smooth.
  2. Pour through a fine mesh sieve and enjoy.
Stove Top Method
  1. Place water, turmeric, cardamon seeds, cloves, cayenne and goji berries into a pot and simmer for 20 minutes.
  2. Strain out liquid and allow it to cool, then blend with hemp seeds, ghee and honey. You may choose to put this back on the stove to heat to desired sipping temperature.

Turmeric more Effective than Prozac at Treating Depression

Turmeric more Effective than Prozac at Treating Depression

While previous studies have indicated the effectiveness of turmeric (curcumin) in treating serious depression, this study was the first randomized controlled clinical trial of its kind.
Researchers with the Department of Pharmacology of Government Medical College in Bhavnagar, Gujarat, India compared the effects of turmeric and Prozac (fluoxetine), both used together and individually, in 60 patients diagnosed with major depressive disorder (MDD).
According to, the researchers used the Hamilton Depression Rating Scale to measure their results:
“We observed that curcumin was well tolerated by all the patients. The proportion of responders as measured by the HAM-D17 scale was higher in the combination group (77.8%) than in the fluoxetine [Prozac] (64.7%) and the curcumin (62.5%) groups; however, these data were not statistically significant (P = 0.58). Interestingly, the mean change in HAM-D17 score at the end of six weeks was comparable in all three groups (P = 0.77). This study provides first clinical evidence that curcumin may be used as an effective and safe modality for treatment in patients with MDD without concurrent suicidal ideation or other psychotic disorders.”
While reading the researchers conclusions indicates one treatment (turmeric) is equally effective as Prozac, it doesn’t account for the negative effects of Prozac, which boost turmeric’s value considerably. Prozac is known to cause “suicidal ideation or other psychotic disorders,” frightening side effects that are clearly absent in turmeric use.
In addition to fighting depression, the bright yellow root commonly used in Indian cooking known asturmeric has been found to have numerous health benefits. In addition to this enlightening research on its efficacy in depression treatment, we know it also has value in the treatment of inflammatory conditions, diabetes, and even cancer. If that isn’t enough, it’s also been shown effective in aiding in weight loss and cutting heart disease risk. Plus, it tastes amazing.
Anti-depressant medications are some of the biggest of Big Pharma’s many big money-makers. Equipped with knowledge like the findings of this most recent study, consumers have the potential to undermine their goal of drugging America and the world.

Хората в Азия почти не се разболяват от рак! Ето каква е причината!

Хората в Азия почти не се разболяват от рак! Ето каква е причината!

За родина на лененото семе се смята Египет, но това може да бъде оспорвано, тъй като е широко разпространен из целия свят.

Отглежда се на много места – в Европа, Южна Америка, Азия и част от Съединените щати.
В медицината се използват само семената и маслото от лененото растение. Маслото се използва и в лаковете и боите.
Маслото от ленено семе се извлича от пресовани семена, които приличат на сусам, но са по-тъмни на цвят. То е с кехлибарен цвят и е много богато на алфа-линоленова киселина (АЛК) – вид омега-3 мастна киселина, която е много полезна за сърцето.
Високи стойности на омега-3 мастни киселини се съдържат в рибата, по-малко в зеленолистните зеленчуци, соевите храни и в ядките.
Според лекарите тези киселини са полезни са сърдечно-съдовата система, понижават нивото на триглицеридите и кръвното налягане, предотвратяват образуването на опасни кръвни съсиреци, като по този начин намаляват риска от инфаркт. Има данни, че в по-високи дози мастните киселини облекчават симптомите на артрита, въпреки че този ефект не е доказан.
За разлика от човешките естрогени фитоестрогените изпълняват двойна функция – имитират действието на хормоните в някои части на тялото и блокират ефекта им в други.
Много фитотерапевти вярват, че фитоестрогените могат да бъдат използвани за превенция или лечение на различни болести – рак, сърдечно-съдови заболявания и остеопороза. Способността им да блокират естрогените може да бъде особено ефективна при борба с някои ракови заболявания, зависими от тези хормони, например рака на гърдата и на матката.
Жени, които консумират големи количества лигнани, заболяват по-рядко от рак на гърдата. Фактът, че сърдечните и раковите заболявания са по-малко разпространени и азиатските страни, се дължи на богатата на фитоестрогени хранителна диета.
Лабораторни изследвания и тестове с плъхове показват, че химическите съставки в лененото семе предпазват от злокачествени тумори. Някои жени използват масло от ленено семе за намаляване на напрежението в гърдите, за успокояване на предменструалния синдром и за контролиране на симптомите по време на менопаузата.
Маслото се препоръчва и за кожни заболявания, възпаления и артрит. Обикновено се приема вътрешно, но за лечение на рани и изгаряния се използва външно. Полезно е за хора, страдащи от храносмилателни смущения. Препоръчва се като ефикасно билково средство за лечение на синдрома на раздразненото черво (колоноспазъм).
Лененото семе се предлага в търговската мрежа на зърна или смляно, под формата на желатинови капсули или масло. Някои фитотерапевти препоръчват целите или смлени зърна да се добавят към храната, за да се извлече максимална полза от продукта.
Специалистите по хранене прокламират, че здравословните фибри, протеини и лигнани на лененото семе се намират само в смляното и в обезмасленото семе, въпреки че някои производители връщат в маслото от твърдото вещество, съдържащо лигнани.
Целите семена могат да се съхраняват на сухо и хладно място до една година. Смлените трябва да се използват веднага или да се замразят за бъдеща употреба.
Не съществуват общовалидни указания относно обема на консумация на тези продукти. Някои учени препоръчват 1/4 чаша смляно ленено семе дневно, а според един канадски диетолог 1-2 супени лъжици са напълно достатъчни за възрастните.
Все още не е установена оптималната дневна доза. Профилактично се приема по една супена лъжица на ден. Когато се пие като лекарство, дозата е 1-3 с.л., в зависимост от телесното тегло и заболяването.
Маслото може да се консумира например като заливка за салата, а когато се използва за лечение на изгаряния и рани, се смесва с варовита вода.

Grape seed extract more effective than chemotherapy in advanced cancer

Grape seed extract more effective than chemotherapy in advanced cancer

For patients facing a diagnosis of life-threatening cancer, the recommended cure can often be as potentially harmful to health as the disease itself. But for many of these patients, scientific research shows a natural treatment using grape seed extract may hold the key to slowing the growth of cancer cells without the dangerous and deadly side effects of chemotherapy and radiation.
In fact, some of the very traits that allow certain cancer cells to resist traditional therapies may make them particularly susceptible to treatment using natural grape seed extract. In fact, findings suggest that the benefits grow with more advanced stages of cancer.
Conventional ‘treatments’ will never cure cancer
This is not wishful thinking: grape seed extract benefits hold clinical significance. Unfortunately, cancer patients are often pushed to begin radical and invasive procedures – including surgery, radiation and chemotherapy – immediately following a diagnosis of cancer. And, sadly, fear tactics are often used to rush people into risky (ineffective) procedures – which are known to cause secondary cancers later in life.
To be perfectly clear, although a majority of healthcare providers tout the “importance” of conventional care, there is little evidence that undergoing these harmful procedures can actually halt or even slow the progression of cancer cells.
In fact, a study published back in 2003 showed that chemotherapy was ineffective a startling 97 percent of the time. Later studies found that chemotherapy caused critical damage to the DNA of healthy cells and that some cancer-treatment drugs actually caused cancer tumors to grow, sometimes at an alarming rate. Despite the growing mountain of evidence, the mainstream medical community continues to push chemotherapy and radiation as the only hope for cancer patients.
There are many ways to naturally cure cancer. The NaturalHealth365 INNER CIRCLE offers over 300 audio/video programs (and counting!) plus over 200 integrative healthcare providers talking about natural ways to detoxify the body and boost immune function.
Learn more about the NaturalHealth365 INNER CIRCLE and how to reverse cancer naturally – visit:
Let’s face the truth: There is substantial evidence that cancer patients suffer greatly when undergoing these treatments, including increased incidence of organ damage, premature aging, sexual dysfunction, neuropathy, cancer recurrence and secondary cancers, dental problems, diabetes, endocrine changes, fatigue, hypothyroidism, memory loss and incontinence, among other conditions.
By contrast, there is no evidence of harmful side effects from the use of grape seed extract. Of course, the obvious must be said, grape seed extract should never be considered the ‘only way’ to treat cancer. To successfully overcome a cancer diagnosis – one must develop a comprehensive approach to remove unwanted toxins, nourish the body with high-quality nutrients and, of course, address any other physical, mental or emotional issues such as dental problems, systemic infections or chronic issues of anger.
Great news for cancer patients: Natural, lifesaving alternatives are available today
In the journal Cancer Letters, a December 2012 article uncovered that grape seed extract was effective against colorectal cancer in experiments using cultured cancer cells. It also noted that grape seed extract benefits increased with the higher stages of cancer.
Researchers at the University of Colorado Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Aurora, tested the impact of grape seed extract in colorectal cancer cell lines at several stages of the disease. They noted an increase in a number of the anticancer mechanisms found within grape seed extract with increasing cancer stages. In contrast, chemotherapy has been found to be of diminishing effectiveness with advanced stages of cancer.
It has been known for some time that the bioactive compounds found in grape seed extract have the ability to selectively target certain types of cancer cells. The 2012 study showed that many of the same mutations enabling colorectal cancer cells to metastasize and resist conventional therapies are the very facets that make them sensitive to treatment with grape seed extract.
Learn how to defeat cancer naturally. The NaturalHealth365 INNER CIRCLE offers the best in natural cancer therapies from many of the top cancer experts in the world.
A similar study published earlier in the journal Carcinogenesis found that in both cell lines and mouse models, grape seed extract killed head and neck squamous cell carcinoma cells, without harming nearby healthy cells. In that published paper, the authors noted that grape seed extract created an environment unfavorable to cancer cell growth.
A study published later, in January 2013, in the journal Nutrition and Cancer, found that grape seed extract was also effective in treating prostate cancers, while a January 2014 published study showed grape seed extract to be effective against certain types of lung cancer.
Conventional oncology will never admit the truth about natural cancer therapies
Positive effects, using grape seed extract, have been shown to multiply with increasing stages of cancer. Naturally, many people would wonder, ‘why don’t conventionally-trained physicians share this information with their cancer patients?’ Because it would threaten their livelihood and, even if they did say something, they could lose their medical license for suggesting a non-conventional approach.
The study, mentioned earlier in this article – focusing on colorectal cancer, showed that less than half the concentration of grape seed extract was needed to kill 50 percent of stage IV cells as was necessary to realize similar results at stage II cancer.
It is believed that, unlike chemotherapy – which traditionally targets only a specific mutation – grape seed extract is able to target multiple mutations. In fact, the more mutations found in a case of cancer, the more effective grape seed extract can be in treating the cancerous cells.
It is not unusual, for example, to find that a colorectal cancer cell exhibits upwards of 11,000 genetic mutations. Because of this, cancer can quickly become resistant to conventional treatments able to target only a very limited number of mutations.
The findings provide new hope for cancer patients, many of which will not be diagnosed until an advanced stage of the disease when chemotherapy is least effective. Unlike the harmful effects documented with conventional treatments, the researchers did not see any harmful effects of grape seed extract.
Learn more about how to naturally eliminate cancer – safely and effectively. The NaturalHealth365 INNER CIRCLE provides the best information about anticancer nutrition, supplementation, detoxification, testing and non-toxic, treatment options. Reduce your risk of disease and boost immune function now.


How To Make Turmeric Bombs: An Anti Inflammatory Supplement

How To Make Turmeric Bombs: An Anti Inflammatory Supplement

Turmeric Bombs: DIY Turmeric Supplement

You’ve certainly heard the anti-inflammatory benefits of turmeric touted by practitioners, blogs, and wellness publications. I believe this highly-pigmented herb belongs in everyone’s wellness arsenal, both as long-term maintenance and acute inflammation relief. Here’s a simple way to get turmeric into your day!

DIY Turmeric Supplement

I add turmeric to curries and vegetable soups on a regular basis, but, while this is certainly providing some benefit, it is not a highly concentrated dose of the herb. When I was in need of acute inflammation help, I added a couple tablespoons of turmeric in half a cup of water and gulped (or rather gagged) it down. If you’ve ever eaten straight turmeric, you know how bitter it can taste.
Now, when I feel the need for a turmeric hit, I’ll reach for these turmeric bombs. They are an easy way to get the benefits of turmeric without the bitter flavor. Even better, they contain a couple special ingredients to work synergistically with the anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric.
This concept of turmeric-honey pills was recently told to me by my friend Anna Matriotti, an experienced herbalist, nutritional therapist and president of the Washington chapter of the American Herbalist Guild. She shared this tip in her presentation at the 2015 Green Gathering, an herb/wildcrafting workshop.

How to increase the efficacy of turmeric

Did you know that certain ingredients can increase the bioavailability of curcumin, the anti-inflammatory compound in turmeric? I’ve incorporated the following ingredients into the Turmeric Bombs to up-the-turmeric-ante:

Two variations for Turmeric Bombs

I’ve included two variations for turmeric bombs: one made with honey and one made with coconut oil or ghee.


The honey variation is easier to swallow, so it is better suited to children. The honey also masks the bitter taste of the turmeric when the pill is swallowed. I would recommend starting with this option.
The coconut oil/ghee option has the benefit of being sugar free and also includes the fatty acids that improve the absorption of curcumin. However, the pills flatten slightly on the baking sheet into rougher shapes, which may be more difficult to swallow. They also have a slight flavor when swallowed.

Turmeric Bombs: DIY Turmeric Supplement
The active compound curcumin, found in turmeric, has been widely studied for its potent anti-inflammatory effects. These DIY Turmeric supplements contain quercetin and black pepper, two ingredients shown to improve the bioavailability of curcumin.
  • 1/3 cup organic ground turmeric (recommended brands available here at Amazon and here at Thrive)
  • About 1 Tbs. quercetin powder (about 10 capsules, emptied), available here
  • Big pinch of finely ground black pepper
  • Binding agent, choose ONE of the following (you will need about 3 Tbs.)
  • Raw honey
  • Coconut oil, available here
  • Grassfed ghee, best price available here at Thrive
  • Unbleached parchment paper, available here
  1. Line a baking sheet with the unbleached parchment paper. Make room in your freezer to put the cookie sheet for a few hours when the Turmeric Bombs need to set.
  2. If you are like me and have a tendency to spill things, wear an apron! Turmeric powder stains clothing, and the powder can get on your clothes if you stir the mixture too vigorously.
  3. Select one of the binding agents. You will need approximately 3 tablespoons. If you choose raw honey and it is thick, melt it in a saucepan over very low heat until it is pourable. Do the same with the coconut oil or ghee so it is liquid, but not hot.
  4. In a bowl, stir together the turmeric, quercetin, pepper, and binding agent. If using honey, you should have a thick and pliable mixture. If using oil, you should have a thick mixture with which you can form pills.
  5. For the honey variation, pinch of small amounts of the "dough," roll between your palms, and place on the baking sheet. For the oil variation, use a spoon to scoop small pill shapes onto the baking sheet.
  6. Freeze until firm, then transfer to a storage container and keep in the freezer.
  7. Take the turmeric bombs as needed. You can't overdose on them. However, if you take a lot of the oil-based ones, the fat content may upset your stomach. It using the honey version, keep in mind that it does contain sugar (albeit unrefined and enzyme-rich sugar). 

Сложете щипка от тази смес под езика и главоболието изчезва!

Сложете щипка от тази смес под езика и главоболието изчезва!

Кой би могъл да предположи, че нещо толкова лесно и просто ще има такава голяма полза?
Използването на тези две съставки ще ви даде спокойствие, ще ви освободи от главоболието и ще подобри имунитета ви.
Комбинацията от двете съставки може да е изненадваща, но ако страдате от безсъние, смесването захар и сол може да бъде от голяма помощ за вас. Въпреки това, не ги използвайте в огромни количества, защото това няма да е добре за вашето здраве. Предпочитайте разумен прием, който ще ви осигури големи ползи за здравето. Някои от предимствата, на които можете да се насладите, след смесването на захар и сол, са:
– край на безсънието
– ликвидиране на главоболието
– силна имунна система
Консумирането на тези съставки ще повиши нивото на серотонин в организма, което ще ви помогне да се справите със стреса. Ето и какво ще ви трябва за тази невероятна рецептата:
– 5 супени лъжици кафява захар
– 1 супена лъжичка морска сол
Съотношението между солта и захарта трябва да е 1: 5. Смесете съставките и сложете сместа в стъклен буркан.
Как да я използвате?
Вземете малко количество от сместа, колкото една щипка, и я поставете под езика си. Нека сместа се разтвори в устата ви. Повторяйте това всяка вечер, преди лягане. Натрият от солта ще подобри клетъчното дишане и е чудесен източник на енергия (като подобрява и процеса на производство на енергия).
Стресът може да предизвика смущения на правилната работата на организма. Може да ви попречи да почивате през нощта и да релаксирате като цяло. Тези две съставки са мощно средство в борбата срещу стреса и са много полезни, ако страдате от него.


‘Evolocumab’: arriva la rivoluzione anticolesterolo

‘Evolocumab’: arriva la rivoluzione anticolesterolo

“Evolocumab è un ‘anticolesterolo’ che rappresenterà una vera rivoluzione farmacologica, una terapia in grado di cambiare radicalmente le sorti c familiare”. Sono parole del professor Claudio Rapezzi, cardiologo dell’Università di Bologna, commentando i dati presentati al Congresso della Società Europea di Cardiologia ESC 2015 tenuto a Londra sul trattamento con evolocumab in aggiunta alla standard of care (SOC), che dimostrano come sia stato ben tollerato, senza nessun nuovo segnale di sicurezza, che l’efficacia è stata mantenuta con una riduzione media del 56% a 1 anno rispetto al basale del colesterolo LDL, rispetto al 12% ottenuto con la sola SOC.
Un anticorpo monoclonale interamente umano che inibisce la proproteina convertasi subtilisina/kexina di tipo 9 (PCSK9), una proteina che riduce la capacità del fegato di rimuovere dal sangue il colesterolo LDL, il cosiddetto colesterolo cattivo. Approvato dalla Commissione Europea per la commercializzazione in Europa il 21 luglio scorso per il trattamento dei pazienti con colesterolo non adeguatamente controllato che necessitano di un’ulteriore importante riduzione delle LDL. E in apertura del Congresso è arrivata la notizia anche dell’approvazione della Food and Drug Administration (FDA) americana. Quest’analisi a un anno degli studi di estensione a lungo termine include pazienti che non tollerano le statine che hanno completato gli studi di 12 settimane di Fase II e III (Gauss-1 e -2), poi arruolati in studi di Fase II e III di estensione in aperto a lungo termine (OSLER-1 e -2 ). Inoltre, i dati provenienti da un’altra analisi aggregata presentati nel corso del congresso hanno mostrato che la somministrazione del farmaco nella dose di 140 mg ogni due settimane o 420 mg al mese era clinicamente equivalente in tutti i sottogruppi di pazienti in quattro studi di Fase III (Mendel 2 Laplace-2, GAUSS-2 e RUTHERFORD-2) della durata di 12 settimane, inclusi nel programma di studi clinici.
“Nell’arco di pochissimi mesi evolocumab ha ottenuto l’autorizzazione all’immissione in commercio della Commissione Europea, primo anticorpo monoclonale per il trattamento dell’ipercolesterolemia a raggiungere questo traguardo, e l’approvazione dell’FDA – afferma Francesco Di Marco, Amministratore Delegato di Amgen – L’importante mole di dati che vengono presentanti a Londra, in uno dei congressi più autorevoli a livello scientifico internazionale, ne hanno confermato ancora una volta l’innovazione e la validità in termini di efficacia, sicurezza e tollerabilità. E hanno anche evidenziato nuovamente quanto questa patologia sia sotto-diagnosticata e non adeguatamente trattata. Per questo crediamo siano ancora più significative le nuove prospettive che evolocumab può aprire nel trattamento dell’ipercolesterolemia. In Italia, ogni anno, muoiono circa 300 mila persone per cause legate a fattori cardiovascolari, 34 persone ogni ora. Ci rendiamo conto che ci sono migliaia di pazienti con patologia grave che non possono aspettare e che, oggi, non hanno altre opzioni terapeutiche. Ed è per questo che, confortati dai dati e dalle approvazioni ottenute, con senso di responsabilità abbiamo iniziato a interloquire con le autorità regolatorie e con le istituzioni per trovare schemi di accesso, anche in questo caso innovativi, che consentano di mettere il farmaco a disposizione dei pazienti ancora prima che si sia concluso l’iter di rimborsabilità. Non stiamo pensando a un programma di uso compassionevole, ma a un modo nuovo di collaborare con le istituzioni, nazionali e regionali, in maniera costruttiva e rispettosa dei ruoli e delle esigenze, con il comune intento di trovare un modello in grado di coniugare sostenibilità del sistema e accesso alle migliori opzioni terapeutiche per il paziente. Un nuovo modello che speriamo possa diventare realtà a breve”.

Scoperto ingrediente nocivo per fegato e cervello

Scoperto ingrediente nocivo per fegato e cervello

Si chiama sodio benzoato ed è un conservante alimentare altamente nocivo per l’organismo di umani e animali. Studiato in Inghilterra, è contenuto come ingrediente praticamente in tutti i tipi di maionese in commercio ma non solo. Etichettato con la sigla E211, il conservante si trova in tantissimi succhi, liquori ma anche nelle conserve di pesce per uso umano o prodotti per animali. In grado di contrastare i batteri presenti nei cibi acidi, se assunto nelle dosi di 5mg per kg di peso risulta poco dannoso ma, se si supera la dose può provocare grossi effetti collaterali.
Per fare chiarezza, è necessario analizzare i seguenti punti
1. Il sodio benzoato esiste in natura e prevede lo sviluppo di benzene che è, come molti già sanno, una sostanza pericolosa e cancerogena che può comparire, però, anche naturalmente nei prodotti della terra come ad esempio i frutti rossi.
2. La cancerogenicità del benzene non è assoluta ma, come abbiamo già detto, legata alla quantità che si ingerisce o si respira.
3. Il benzene è presente in ogni caso in molti altri alimenti che subiscono contagio per inquinamento dell’ambiente, dall’industria, dal traffico veicolare, dai riscaldamenti.
Recenti studi hanno dimostrato che il conservante può essere responsabile di gravi forme di cancro al fegato ma, incredibilmente, anche al cervello. Può causare, inoltre, reazioni allergiche, nausee o shock anafilattico.

Scoperta la proteina che rigenera il cuore

Scoperta la proteina che rigenera il cuore

Scoperta la proteina che ripara il cuore. I test effettuati negli Stati Uniti su topi e maiali dimostrano che “ripara” i danni subiti dai tessuti e dal muscolo cardiaco dopo un infarto.

La scoperta è stata descritta nella rivista scientifica Nature, dove viene spiegato come su topi e maiali la proteina follistatina-like 1 (FSTL1) è in grado di stimolare la formazione di nuove cellule del muscolo cardiaco dopo un attacco cardiaco.
La scoperta, effettuata dai ricercatori americani dell’Università di Stanford e descritta sulla rivista Nature, potrebbe aprire una nuova pagina nella cura dell’infarto.
Fino ad oggi la comunità scientifica le scoperte sui fattori che limitano la rigenerazione delle cellule del muscolo cardiaco erano davvero limitate.
Lo studio statunitense è invece  riuscito a dare una svolta: negli individui sani la proteina “miracolosa” si trova sull’epicardio, la membrana che circonda la parete del cuore. In seguito a infarto, invece, se ne perdono completamente le tracce.
Utilizzando una sorta di cerotto bio-ingegnerizzato, che imita il tessuto dell’epicardio e funziona come una “riserva” di proteina FSTL1 negli animali infartuati, gli scienziati hanno osservato la crescita delle cellule del muscolo del cuore, nonché il miglioramento delle funzioni cardiache.


Старец: / Серафим Саровский /

''Пий там, където конят пие. Конят никога няма да пие лоша вода. Сложи постелята си там, където е удобно на котката. Яж плодове, на които се спира червея. Смело бери гъби, на които има мушички. Сади дърво, там където къртица копае. Строй дом, там където змия се препича. Кладенец копай, там където птиците гнездят в жегата. Лягай и ставай с кокошките, ще имаш златно зърно за деня. Яж повече зелено и ще имаш силни крака и издръжливо сърце, като на звяр. Плувай често и ще се чувстваш на земята, като риба във водата. Често гледай към небето, а не към краката и твоите мисли ще бъдат ясни и леки. Повече мълчи, отколкото говори и в твоята душа ще дойде тишината,а духът ти ще бъде мирен и спокоен.''
Старец: / Серафим Саровский /


H. Pylori Infection

H. Pylori Infection

What Is an H. Pylori Infection?

H. pylori are a type of bacteria that may infect around two-thirds of the people in the world. The H. in the name is short for Helicobacter—so called because they are spiral in shape (“helico-,” as in the word “helicopter,” means “spiral”).
Helicobacter pylori normally infect your stomach, typically during childhood, and, while this strain of bacteria does not cause problems in most cases, it may cause diseases in some people.
In your stomach, the bacteria are able to change the environment around them by reducing the acidity so they can survive. Their shape lets them penetrate your stomach lining, where they are protected by mucus. Your body’s immune cells are not able to reach them and the bacteria are able to interfere with your immune response, ensuring that they are not destroyed.
In some cases, an H. pylori infection can lead to problems such as ulcers developing in your stomach or duodenum. The duodenum is the section of gut leading from your stomach. H. pylori infection is also associated with stomach cancer and an inflammation inside your stomach known as gastritis.
Part 2 of 6: Causes and Risk Factors

H. Pylori Infection Causes and Risk Factors

H. pylori infections are thought to spread from one person’s mouth to another. They may also be transferred from feces to the mouth—if, for example, a person does not wash his or her hands thoroughly after using the bathroom. It is also possible to contract the infection from H. pylori that is present in water or food.
Children are more likely to develop an H. pylori infection—mostly due to lack of proper hygiene.
Your risk for the infection is associated with your environment and living conditions. Risk is higher if you:
  • live in a developing country
  • share housing with others who are infected with H. pylori
  • live in overcrowded housing
  • have no access to hot water which can help to keep areas clean and free from bacteria
Part 3 of 6: Symptoms

What Are the Symptoms of H. PyloriInfection?

Symptoms may include abdominal pain, which typically occurs when your stomach is empty, at night, or a few hours after meals. It is described as a gnawing pain, and it may come and go. Eating or taking antacid drugs may relieve the pain.
If you have this type of pain you should visit your doctor. Also, if you have a strong pain that does not go away, you should contact your doctor.
A number of other symptoms may be associated with H. pylori infection. However, these are common symptoms that can be due to other conditions, and some are even experienced by healthy people from time to time:
  • excessive burping
  • feeling bloated
  • feeling sick or vomiting
  • losing your appetite
  • losing weight
Although common, if any of these symptoms persist, or if they are causing you concern, it is always best to see your doctor. If you notice blood or a black color in your feces or vomit, you should consult your doctor.
Part 4 of 6: Diagnosis

Diagnosing H. Pylori Infection

Blood Tests

You may need to give blood samples, which will be used to look for antibodies against H. pylori.

Stool Tests

A stool sample may be needed to check for signs of Helicobacter pylori in your feces.

Breath Tests

If you have a breath test, you will swallow a preparation containing radioactive carbon. The H. pylori bacteria release an enzyme that breaks down this combination, releasing the carbon, which is then detected by using a special device.


A long, thin instrument called an endoscope is inserted into your mouth and fed down into your stomach and duodenum. An attached camera sends back images that are viewed on a monitor. Any abnormal areas can be inspected, and special tools used with the endoscope can take a sample of these areas, if required.
Part 5 of 6: Treatments

Treating H. Pylori Infection

If you have an H. pylori infection that is not causing you any problems and you are not at increased risk of stomach cancer, it is thought that treatment may not offer any benefits.
Stomach cancer and duodenal and stomach ulcers are associated with H. pylori infection. If you have close relatives with stomach cancer or a problem such as a stomach or duodenal ulcer, your doctor may want you to have treatment. Treatment can cure an ulcer, and it may reduce your risk of developing stomach cancer.


You will normally need to take a combination of two different antibiotics, together with another drug that reduces your stomach acid. Lowering stomach acid helps the antibiotics work more effectively. This treatment is sometimes referred to as triple therapy. Some of the drugs that are used in treatment are lansoprazole(Prevacid), pantoprazole(Protonix), and rabeprazole(AcipHex).
You may have a test for H. pylori after you finish your treatment. In most cases, only one round of antibiotics is needed to clear the infection but, occasionally, you might need to take more, using different drugs.
Part 6 of 6: Long-Term Expectations

What Can I Expect in the Long Term?

For many people infected with H. pylori, their infections never cause any difficulties. If you are experiencing symptoms and receive treatment, your long-term outlook usually is positive.
Treatment may not cure the infection if a person has a stomach or duodenal ulcer or stomach cancer. For those who develop these diseases, the outlook will depend on the problem, how soon it is diagnosed, and how it is treated.


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